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Oleg Blyablyas

Oleg Blyablyas (1967) is an artist and curator. Graduated from the Art and Graphics Faculty of the Nizhny Tagil Social and Pedagogical Academy. In his works he focuses predominantly on the transmission of his inner world and emotions through different forms of external reality. Oleg participated in numerous Russian and international projects and exhibitions, including among others such as a land art festival “The floodland of time” (Nizhny Novgorod,2001); network project “The art of tortures and executions – art against tortures and executions” (Kaliningrad, 2002); experimental public art festival “Nizhnekamsk, a cultural capital” (Nizhny Nogorod, 2003); exhibition project “Eurasian syndrome” (Ekaterinburg – Karaganda, 2003); festival “Long stories” (Ekaterinburg, 2003); contemporary art festival “Art-Klyasma” (Moscow, 2004); exhibition project “The new Russian” (Ekaterinburg, 2005); trans-Russian exhibition project “9000km” (2005-2006); “Long live the video!” project in the framework of “Art Moscow 2006”; “TheOneMinutes.Jr” program (2007-2008); IX Media Forum competition program of the XXX Moscow Film Festival (2007-2008); interdisciplinary exhibition “In Transition Russia” (Cyprus-Russia, 2007-2008); project “Monsters — People, Murders, Power Machines” (Dresden, 2008) as a member of the San Donato group; project “Festival-laboratory “Art-Zavod” (Ekaterinburg, 2007-2008); “SoundArtCamp” (Kaliningrad, 2009); projects “Art on Site” (2009) and “Inner Ural” in the framework of the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art; project “Contemporary artists and art practices of the 1980s-1990s in Ural. Digest” (Chelyabinsk, 2010); project “A sympathy for Germany” (Saint Petersburg, 2010); exhibition “From Kaliningrad with Love” (Warsaw, 2010); project “Adventures in Amberland/ Artists from Kalinigrad” (Berlin, 2010); international project “Kaliningrad and Ahrenshoop 1:1 – Residencies and consequences” (Kaliningrad, Ahrenshoop, 2011); video program “Saison Video” (France, 2011); exhibition “Russia Next Door. Art installations from Kaliningrad” (Olsztyn, 2011); Vth international art symposium “Alanica 2011” (Vladikavkaz, 2011). As a member of the San Donato group Oleg participated in the project “Difficult relations, part II” (Kalmar, 2011); exhibition “Port city: there is no sea here” in the framework of a special program of the IVth Moscow Biennale of Contemporary art (Ekaterinburg, 2011). Co-curated such international projects as “Photophobia-2” (Kaliningrad, 2008); “CityOneMinutes” (Kaliningrad, 2009); “Photophobia-3” (Kaliningrad, 2010). Winner of an International competition of art projects “Tower Kronprinz: the Second Advent” (Kaliningrad, 2007); IIId All-Russian contemporary art competition “Innovation” in the nomination “Regional project’ (together with Dmitry Bulatov), 2008.