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Katerina Cherevko

Katerina Cherevko a.k.a. Manya Sol (1978) is a designer and artist. Graduated from the Vyatka A.A.Rylov Art Institute majoring in interior design and the Saint Petersburg graphic institute of the Moscow Printing University majoring in graphics and book design. Since 1995 Katerina has participated in exhibitions, competitions and festivals, including: group exhibitions of young artists (Vyatka, 1995, 1996, 1999); “Sign 2000” (Saint-Petersburg); sign and logo competition “Tamga 2004” (Novossibirsk); biennale “Photomania 2005” (Kaliningrad); projects of the PARASITE gallery (St.-Petersburg, 2006-2007); “Young Saint Petersburg artists” (St.-Petersburg, 2008); publication of an underground magazine “Van Gogh’a ear” (Saint-Petersburg, 2008-2009); media festival “Ventilator” (St.-Petersburg, 2009); personal exhibition of graphics (St.-Petersburg, 2010); personal exhibition of painting and graphics (Kaliningrad, 2010); “Gofmniana” (Kaliningrad, 2010); “A Dialogue with a Picture” (Kaliningrad, 2010); “Let’s go” (Kaliningrad, 2011); participation in the second run of a competition “Art in an open space – ART-city” (Kaliningrad, 2011) – Katerina’s projects won the 2d, 4th, 6th and 8th prizes; exhibition XIV Warstaty Artystyczne (Pineszno, 2011); art festival “Interfest” (Chernyakhovsk, 2011); exhibition and plain-air “Siedem tlustych dni na rzecz wsi” (Stare Sedlisko, 2011); exhibition dedicated to the opening of a plain-air “XVIIth plain-air of expressionists in Nida. Dedication to Romualdo Kunz” (Nida, 2011); international project and exhibition “Telling the Baltic” (Kaliningrad, 2013). As an illustrator and book designer Katerina took part in publishing the following books: “Literary reader for children” (Kaliningrad, 2008); collection of oriental stories for children “A spring of wisdom” (Kaliningrad, 2009); short story “Majorat” by Hoffmann (Kaliningrad, 2011). As a designer the artist developed trademarks and corporate styles, layout originals of booklets, calendars, magazines, books, original packaging, worked as a web designer for different companies in Saint Petersburg and Kaliningrad. Her graphic works are in private collections in Germany, Poland and Russia.