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Anton Yakovlev

Anton Yakovlev (1982) is a musician (bass guitar, saxophone). Since he was 16, Anton has been a guitarist in different Kaliningrad punk groups. At 23 he left the university and got enrolled at a music college to continue learning how to play the bass guitar. At the same time he acquired an interest in jazz music and started to play the saxophone. He’s currently a member of the “Est nastroenie” group and a saxophone duet “A bag for two”. One of the latest goals of the musician is to widen people’s perspective on non-trivial music and to create a community of fellow thinkers that would later grow into a Music Academy. AntondeliversaseriesoflecturesNoiseormusic?!” at the Baltic Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts where he talks about the history and interrelation of experimental music styles.Есть+Настроение