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Yury Vassiliev

Yury Vassiliev (1950) is an artist. Graduated from the V.A.Serov Art Institute in Leningrad. Honored artist of Russia. Yury works with techniques as video, poster, unique graphics, performance and object. Since 2000 Yury has been working on his project “RUSSIAN RED” that was exhibited in Russia and internationally, including: “Prussian blue”, exhibition dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Friedrich the Ist, king of Prussia (Sanssouci Palace, Orangery, Potsdam, Germany, 20001-2001); “Davai Davai”, exhibition of contemporary Russian art (Postfuhramt, Berlin, Germany), Museum of Applied Arts MAK (Vienna, Austria) (2002); project “Russian Red” in the framework of the IIId Festival of the PRO ARTE institute “Contemporary art in a traditional museum”, Kuindzhi museum (Saint Petersburg, 2002); project “Russian Red” (Kostroma, 2003); project “Russian Red”, contemporary art festival “ART Klyasma” (Moscow, 2003); Media Forum of the XXVth Moscow International Film festival (Moscow, 2003); festival of arts “Russia today” (Pasinger Fabrik, Munich, Germany, 2003); “ELECTRIC VISIONS”, the first festival of video art of Russia and Northern European countries, best video art works over 1999-2003 (Russia, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, 2004); Media Forum of the XXVIth Moscow International Film festival (Moscow, 2004); installation “Our Father” (Kaliningrad, 2004); “Workshop Art Moscow”, special project for the competition of the “Black Square” awards (Moscow, 2004); Warszawa-Moskwa Moscow-Warsaw 1900-2000 “Beyond the red horizon” (Warsaw, Poland, Moscow, Russia, 2004); “RUSSIAN RED”, special project of the Ist Moscow Biennale of contemporary art (Moscow, 2005); “Human project”, special project of the Ist Moscow Biennale of contemporary art (Moscow, 2005); exhibition project “The new Russian” (Ekaterinburg, 2005); landscape installation “, project “Brusland. Brussie. Brussia” in the framework of the festival “Europalia. Russia” (Brussels, Belgium, 2005); video installations “Remembering dreams…”, International Socio-cultural project “Artist and Arms” (Moscow, 2005); video installation “Our Father”, international exhibition “ARS – 06” (KIASMA museum of contemporary art, Helsinki, Finland, 2006); “Russian Red Segments” (Vladivostok, 2010); “RED – RED” (Dresden, 2010); video screening in the framework of “Days of literature and art” (Gusev, 2010); project “RED – RED” in the framework of the Ist Ural Industrial Biennale of contemporary art (Ekaterinburg, 2010); “Russian Red White” (Kiel, 2010); “FROM KALININGRAD WITH LOVE” (Warsaw, 2010); “Russian Red” (Gdansk, 2013). The works of the artist are currently in the collections of the State Russian museum (Saint Petersburg, Russia), KIASMA museum of contemporary art (Helsinki, Finland) and the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Moscow, Russia).