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Vadim Chaly

Vadim Chaly (1977) is a sound artist and philosopher. Received a PhD in philosophy at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. As a musician Vadim started as a classical guitar player. Since 1998 he has been experimenting with sound on a computer. Participated and still participates in several music projects (“Bigoudi”, Zonnup Kroofier, Mood-O-Tronic, Abazaba). Works as a sound designer and composer in computer games industry. His current area of music interests includes algorithmic composition, random bit generation and free improvisation. As a sound artist Vadim favors the theme of provocation and the way the society can be influenced. Studies and teaches philosophy at the I.Kant Baltic Federal University. His area of scientific interests includes analytical philosophy and modern liberal political philosophy. Has extensively published in scientific and methodological editions, with such articles as “Peter Strawson on the analytical, synthetic and a priori” (Рацио.ru, 2010); “The significance of theories of social pact for the development of political philosophy in Russia” (I.Kant Baltic Federal University’s Herald, 2011); “Rationality in liberal philosophical theories” (Kant’s collection, 2011).