Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI Cross-border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013
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Sergey Ivanov

Sergey Ivanov a.k.a. Kratong (1975) is a musician and sound engineer. One of the founders of such music projects as Romowe Rikoito and Kratong. Took part in such festivals as Wave Gothic Treffen (Germany), Wroclaw Industrial (Poland), Menuo Juodaragis (Lithuania), etc. as a sound engineer Sergey worked with Romowe Rikoito, Kratong, Neutral, IP Neva, Sunset Wings, Bigoudi and many other international and Kaliningrad music projects. His music interests span a wide range of genres from dark folk to experimental electronics. The main area of research is the transmutation of natural sounds (field-recording) and contemporary industrial music into new “alchemic forms and distillation objects”. In his artwork Kratong proceeds from a paradigm that a contemporary musician is an alchemist that manipulates different forms of human existence.