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Elena Tsvetaeva

Elena Tsvetaeva (1965) is an art manager, curator and artist, director of the Baltic Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts. Graduated from the Arts and Graphic Faculty of the A.I.Gertsen Leningrad State Pedagogical Institute and the Faculty of Cultural Management of the Russian-British Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences. Her research is based on art spaces, their recreation and manifestation in the society. Elena works with the theme of identity, actualization and artistic interpretation of the cultural and historical heritage of Kaliningrad. Curatorofprojectsandprogramsincontemporaryart. Elenawasthechairmanoftheorganizationcommitteeandjurymemberofthe 3dand 4thInternationalbiennalesofeaselgraphicsKaliningradKoenigsberg 1994, 1996” (Kaliningrad 1993-1996); curatorofRichardSerrasexhibition (Kaliningrad, 1996); authorandcuratorofaprojectMediaGraph” (Kaliningrad, 2000); cocuratorofArtoftorturesandexecutionsartagainsttorturesandexecutions” (2000-2001); curatoroftheKaliningraddivisionofArtGENDA 2002 HAMBURG” (Hamburg, 2001); curatoroftheKaliningraddivisionofDavaj! Davaj! Russian art now” (Berlin, Vienna, 2002); member of the editorial board f a magazine on contemporary art “pH” (2002-2003); co-author of a program “Baltic corridor” (2004-2005); since 2003 has been curating the restoration project of the Kronprinz tower, the future NCCA residence in Kaliningrad; curator of a project “Art guide. Koenigsberg/Kaliningrad now” (2004-2005); international program “Tower Kronprinz” Second Advent” (2005-2010); сurator of an architectural forum “A future that hasn’t come” (Kaliningrad, 2010); project “Red – Red” (Ekaterinburg, Dresden, 2010); project “Tower Kronprinz: Second Advent” (Kaliningrad, 2011); project “Telling the Baltic” (Blekinge, 2012). As an artist, Elena participated in Russian and international exhibitions and projects, including a photo project “Body M” (Kaliningrad, 1999); web-project “Performance at the Royal Mountain” (Saint Petersburg, Kaliningrad, 2000); “Ural. Tibet. Baikal” (Ekaterinburg, 2000); exhibitionFollowingLunacharsky” (Kaliningrad, 2012); exhibitionMadeinKaliningrad” (Klaipeda, 2013). Elena has been published in various editions on contemporary art, including “Cultural magazine Comod” (Ekaterinburg, 2000); exhibition catalogue “Davaj! Russian Art Now” (Berlin, 2002); edition on contemporary art “pH” (2003); “Art Guide. Koenigsberg/Kaliningradnow” (Kaliningrad, 2005, 2006).