Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI Cross-border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013
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Danil Akimov

Danil Akimov (1976) is a sound artist, DJ and curator. Graduated from the Kaliningrad State Technical University. Has been a research officer at the Baltic branch of NCCA since 2004. Works with interdisciplinary fields of contemporary art and brings together sound and text, installation and performance in his works. Since 1997 has been a member and co-founder of the Membranoids project that aims at “researching the primitive limits of a pseudo-scientific approach towards creating art works”. As a member of this group, Danil performed at various festivals and took part in exhibitions and master-classes. He also participated in the release of a number of CDs as a member of groups “Membrana/Membranoids” and “Bigoudi”. Since 2003 Danil has also been one of the co-founders of the ArtEgo project that initiates a number of local cultural and entertainment events: thematic dance/fashion parties, cinema club, performances of sound artists. The organization pursues the goal of cultural reanimation. As an artist, Danil plays on the interaction of different technologies and methods to make sound structures (for example, by using defected hi-fi equipment, analog synthesizers of the soviet era and field-recording). As a DJ, he creates electronic sets that demonstrate both the best and the worst species of bizarre music from all over the world. Since 1999, Danil has been playing at the underground clubs, cafes and galleries of Vienna, Berlin, Hamburg, Moscow, Warsaw, Riga and other cities. He also curated such international projects as “Art guide Kaliningrad/Königsberg now”, “Audio tourism”. Experimental music concerts “SoundArtLab”. Author and curator of an international festival of experimental music and sound art Sound around Kaliningrad.