Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI Cross-border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013
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Anton Zabrodin

Anton Zabrodin (1984) is an artist. Graduated from the Russian State Humanitarian University (2011) and the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (2006). In his artistic practice prefers photography and occasionally – video. His particular interest lies in the correlations between the visual structures of the city and the way they influence the non-urbanized landscape. Personal exhibitions: “People and flags” (Kaliningrad, 2006); “Moscow City Day. An Exhibition of Impossible Postcards” (Madrid, 2011). Group exhibitions: “Pushkin” (Kaliningrad, 1999); “Art instead of photography” (Kaliningrad, 2004); “Grandmothers” (Kaliningrad, 2004); “Ten questions” (Olsztyn, 2007); “39 RUS” (Kaliningrad, 2007); “39 RUS. vol. 2” (Taurages, Lithuania, 2008); “Under the Glass. An Exhibition of Contemporary Russian Photography” (New York, USA, 2009); “Taurages Fotoklubu suvaziavimas #3” (Taurages, Lithuania, 2010); “Telling the Baltic” (Gdansk, Poland, 2012); 2013MMXIII* (Moscow, 2013); “Lost and Found. Postcards from 1913*” (Moscow, 2013); “Sakmės apie Baltiją” (Klaipeda, 2013); “Upbringing” (Moscow, 2013); “Photo fundamentals” (Moscow, 2013); “Video art Night” (Moscow, 2013); “Telling the Baltic” (exhibition on a ferry between Gdynia, Poland and Karlskrona, Sweden, 2013; exhibitions in Kaliningrad and Rostock, Germany, 2013); “30 days of waiting”, “Strength of materials” and “Sex, isn’t it nice” in Moscow, 2013.