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Andrey Kolomyitsev

Andrey Kolomyitsev a.k.a. StirliTZ (1959) is a sound artist and musician. He started his first experiments with electronic music in mid-80s by using synthesizers and rhythm-machines. Works predominantly with structured sound, trash, dust ambient and industrial music. Andrey was a keyboard player at a group “Warmth Protection Committee”, and then he launched his solo project StirliTZ. Since 1992 has been releasing his records on different alternative record labels in the USA, France, Russia and Belgium. Uses various music equipment in his performances, including analog keyboards, thereminvox, air filters, piezoelectric detectors. In the 1990s Andrey co-founded the Kaliningrad community of electronic musicians “Semi-conductors” that practice free music, improvisational composing which is similar to free jazz in its essence. As a musician (keyboards, percussion, electromechanics, melodica) is a member of the Mudotronic project. This trio is principally engaged in making live soundtracks for presentations, film screenings, staged events, as well as developing programs that mostly deal with contemporary electronics (dub, ambient, downtempo). Has collaborated with Sachsische Improvisation Ensemble and a singer Agnes Ponizil.