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Alexander Podoprigorov

Alexander Podoprigorov (1971) is a video artist and cameraman. Graduated from the Kaliningrad Technical college, and later – from the Kaliningrad State Technical university (faculty of production automatization and management). Alexander treats art as “a task in an individual’s life that has been realized” where the most important things are “the ability to perceive it consciously and the satisfaction with the result”. Alexander makes a difference between the notions of “art” and “business”. “My business is my ability to see reality as an artistic act, and my participation in it as a conscious action that seeks enrichment by means of changing certain semantic markers of consciousness”. Alexander has been making video since 1999. Since 2004 he has been working as a cameraman. In 1999-2000 he was a member of an art group “Widewuto’s brothers”. Took part in Russian and international art projects and video festivals (Germany, Spain, Macedonia, USA). In 2005 Alexander curated an international festival of arts “The Taste of Water” (Museum of the World Ocean, Kaliningrad, Russia). Participated in the following exhibitions: “Hard tube killing day” (Kaliningrad, 2000); “Sound combine” project (Kaliningrad, 2000); video installation “About witches” to Goethe’s verse “Zauberling”, German-Russian House (Kaliningrad, 2000). Alexander participated in a festival “URBAN FLESH AND BLOOD” (Kaliningrad, 2005) and such exhibitions as “Following Lunacharsky” (Kaliningrad, 2012); “Russia Next Door. Contemporary Kaliningrad art” (Minsk, 2013); “Made in Kaliningrad” (Kaliningrad, 2013).