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Educational workshops within the project CLOSE STRANGER in the period March – August 2014

Educational workshops within the project CLOSE STRANGER in the period March – August 2014

I. Workshops on. Exhibition MEETING. STOLEN PAST

Date: 28.03-27.04.2014

Lecturer: Aleksandra Tatarczuk

Audience: school and preschool children

During the meeting participants saw the exhibition and spoke with the lecture about the places in which they  live. They compared  Gdańsk, Klaipeda and Kaliningrad. They  looked for differences and similarities in these cities.  At the workshop they have been working with “Mother” by Inčiūraitė and created the panorama of their own city.

II. Midsummer Night in New Port

Date: June 21, 2014

Lecturer: Judyta Warzecha

Audience: adults and children

Last year, together with the NCCA and KKCA we have installed cameras on the roofs of our buildings and recorded the west and east of the sun in the cities participating in the project CLOSE STRANGER. We have refered to Witoslaw Czerwonka work “Sunset without the West” presented at exhibitions in the CS program. This year, during the shortest night we reached for the fire. Judyta Warzecha invited residents of New Port and the inhabitants of Gdansk to “workshop at the fire.” On the arranged furnace she have cookedc dishes from plants and food available in Gdansk, Kaliningrad and Klaipeda. She talked to people about the culinary tastes of our neighbors, and referred to the tradition of eating and gatherings  in a circle.

III. Workshops on. Exhibition CLOSE STRANGER

Date: 08.08. – 30.09.2014

Lecturers: Aleksandra Tatarczuk, Aleksandra Mrozowska, Brygada Urbanistyczno – Architektoniczna, Młynek Sztuki,  Robert Jurkowski

Audience: adults and children

During the exhibition CLOSE STRANGER in Gdansk we invited recipients to different activities in order to get  to know our “close stranger.” Due to the holiday period presentation focused on exposure varied workshops. Audience could take part in open-air workshops during the festival “Miracle on the Dead Vistula” and take part in the tour over the exhibitions.

Creative workshops for children, during which we built simple objects were an opportunity to talk about children living in Kaliningrad and Klaipeda. Due to geographical communities we are looking at the same sky and shines on us the same sun. Referring to these two elements, participants of workshops were building kaleidoscopes in workshops conducted by Młynek Sztuki.

People from Gdansk, Kaliningrad and Klaipeda share the same , general desire to “catch a falling star”. This idea was the theme of activities conducted by Brygada Urbanistyczno – Architektoniczna. Workshop participants constructed marvelous installation of lights, which have been hanged on the net between the trees.

Ola Tatarczuk and Ola Mrozowska invited adults and families to talk about the neighborhood. During the workshops they led to creation of small community focused on one task – building instalation which have been hung on the tree and lit up the night.

There was also curatorial tours on the exhibition . So far it participated in five groups (20 individuals in each group). In September, there will be workshops “Focus on Art” where we focus on a single work presented on the exhibition, we make the analysis and interpretation.