Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI Cross-border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013
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Educational events within “Russian Red” exhibition in Laznia 2 CAE

Within “Russian Red” exhibition realized in Laznia 2 CAE in 20.09.-25.10.2013 we have realized several educational meetings. For organized groups from school we have prepared two proposals:
Play with red (workshops for children in age 4-7 years old),
Red in connection (workshops for children and teenagers).

Under the “Play with red” we’re working with children from kindergarten and primary school under the subject of meaning of the red colour in nature and our surrounding. We’re watching the exhibition, focusing on “textures and temperatures” of red colour, feelings that “speak by the colour”. We’re searching for reasons why Yury Vassiliev has chosen “red”. After touring around display, children were preparing their own “winter landscapes” on large format shits of paper, using only red colour – in various shades.

“Red in connection” was aimed to teenagers. During touring around exhibition we’re speaking about the symbolic meaning of red, as a color of Soviet revolutionary flag, as a shade of hypnotic excitement. We have emphasized the “energetic” of the color and its driving force. We’re seeking for cultural, natural and social connection with red. We’re exploring the cultural meanings of color, the role of stereotypes in society. On workshops we’re using social media (Pinterest) to create a statement of meanings and feelings associated with the red. Pupils were creating virtual board with pictures that have expressed subjects as: Polish stereotypes, Russian Stereotypes, Red in Culture. We’re searching internet for “mems” like “Meanwhile in Poland”, “Meanwhile in Russia” which characterized Polish and Russian. It was interesting that all participant had been valued them better than their Russian neighbor and they have realized that after teacher notice.

For families with children we have prepared one meeting “New Port in Red” (New Port is a district where is located Laznia 2 CAE). We’re focusing on searching red color in Yury Vassiliev’s works. On the workshops we’re creating several red “objects” like paper chain, bird houses, installation etc. Exhibition was a pretext for making numerous interventions in public space. After this “guerilla of art” we’re looking how color affects the perception of our surroundings, how it reacts to the changing the space.

The general aim of the project “Close Stranger ” – is to facilitate exchange in terms of contemporary culture and to promote better mutual understanding among residents of Gdansk (Poland), Kaliningrad (Russia) and Klaipėda (Lithuania). The objectives of the project also include promotion of trilateral exchange among the network of cross-border institutions and professionals working in the fields of contemporary art and culture in the three cities – project partners as well as dissemination of information on contemporary art, culture and social problems within the territory of the project coverage: in Russia, Poland and Lithuania.

The project “Close stranger” is implemented within the framework of Lithuania-Poland-Russia European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013. The main purpose of the programme, which is co-financed with the European Union funds – to promote cooperation among Lithuania, Poland and Russia through development of bilateral and trilateral relations. The total cost of the project “Close Stranger” is 873,620.59 EUR. The EU co-financing to the project amounts to 768,786.12 EUR (88%), i.e. 2648468.1 LTL. Co-financing from participating institutions – 104,834.47 EUR (12%).